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Globalization of the food supply chain is a driving factor behind the increasing number of food safety incidents. Producers and importers must perform precise, real-time product safety testing at all stages of production, processing, and distribution to ensure quality and compliance with food safety legislation.

Each step in the food chain has its own challenges. It has never been more critical for the food, dairy, beverage and brewing industries to maintain quality standards and safety guidelines while maintaining cost efficiencies. Industry is continually searching for ways to reduce the cost of business while ensuring quality and safety. With food safety being a top concern of industry, consumers, and governments alike, segments of this industry face an increasing number of government standards and regulations.

Current status of Laboratories on account of currents challenges

Laboratories serving the Food and Beverage industries are dominated by their status as an FDA regulatory domain. Emphasis is on regulatory compliance (GMP, GLP, etc.), validation status, full traceability, precise sample identification and tracking, documented methodology, accountability and tamper proof information.

Laboratories are struggling to analyze hazards, determine and monitor critical control points, and establish corrective actions and verification procedures to ensure that standards are met and the system is functioning properly.

With the announcement of proposed rules under the FSMA, the burden of food safety testing and record keeping placed on smaller and medium size food companies and use of contract testing labs is growing tremendously. So how do these laboratories manage growing requests for testing, and increasing volumes of data and demand for records?

Role of LIMS to tackle these challenges. Yes, we
have the Effective LIMS!

Here is where Laboratory Information Management Systems or LIMS play an important role, in helping labs manage the testing requests, handle all the data and records, be better prepared for audits, and comply with changing regulations.

Our LIMS provide labs with the opportunity to tailor their data management system to their needs without having to change their workflow, systems, personnel etc. It provides comprehensive information management capabilities to control and continuously monitor quality laboratory processes, and to ensure traceability and safety across the entire workflow. Due to its flexible architecture and bespoke configurability, our LIMS solution can adapt to changing business needs and laboratory practices without compromising existing functionality, workflows or supporting data.

It play a critical role in the workflow of food producers, ensuring that test data from all parts of the delivery chain are captured and analyzed to guarantee consumer safety. This process is fully automated, ensuring that the majority of sample results will be within acceptable limits, filtering and highlighting failures to initiate follow-up investigation. The LIMS workflow schedules analytical work-up for samples with positive results, addressing the need for rapid screening techniques to identify potential contaminants.

Labsols LIMS in Food Safety Traceability Efforts.

Food analysis techniques produce large quantities of different types of data. LIMS automatically gather, store, manage, and report on these data, including sample preparation data, standards, data for users, and management and reports.

LIMS can identify each sample; uniquely generate labels, bar codes. Overall, the use of LIMS in the food safety workflow ensures that samples are handled correctly and processed within allowed time frames. LIMS can control the sample chain of custody, automate data collection from instruments and analyzers, manage data by exception, and facilitate certification.

Labsols LIMS is designed to manage and control the quality assurance process, organizing and storing analytical data and facilitating the conversion of data to information.

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