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Deployment & Support

Addressing the Complexity of Today’s LIMS

An industry source cites Lack of Available Resources and Complexity to Implement as the top 2 factors limiting the adoption of a LIMS. LIMS deployment can be a time and resource intensive process that keeps some labs from enjoying the eventual benefits and, even once live, it takes users time to acclimate to a new software work environment. Even before deployment, the evaluation of systems as multidimensional as today’s LIMS can require a great expenditure of business resources.

We have the solution.

LabSols process- and execution-driven approach to LIMS deployments is fundamentally different from the sample-driven approach of traditional LIMS. This entirely new approach to LIMS implementations eliminates the complexities, excessive customization and lengthy associated validation requirements inherent with legacy LIMS—offering fast, “out-of-the-box” deployment capabilities, no custom coding, easy integration into existing software platforms and enterprise-wide data management capabilities. The result is streamlined deployments, a substantially lower total cost of ownership and rapid time to value. LabSols capabilities provide the shortest time to “go-live” in the LIMS industry. With only a few IT resources, plus LabSols’ implementation team, LIMS applications can be running and validated in only a few weeks to a few months. The system’s purpose-built workflow and compliance technologies, enabled by LabSols’ experience in Testing & Inspection, Quality and Manufacturing operations, reduce or eliminate LIMS customization and configuration issues, making the applications truly easy to install and validate without external consultants or programmers.

Support? We are here for you.

Stability and performance are key to running an efficient operation. LabSols has an effective answer for customers seeking to operate at peak performance - a comprehensive technical support process dedicated to addressing technical questions pertaining to system usage and operations. With a global coverage of support, LabSols stands ready to serve and support your worldwide operations.

We’re proud of our strong technology reputation, comprehensive services & global coverage